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A simple step on how to start a biscuit factory
« on: August 09, 2017, 05:21:25 PM »
Starting a biscuit factory is a very good lucrative and a profitable business. Biscuit is one of the most consumable product that are normal purchase on a daily basis. Most families use biscuit and tea as there breakfast. Biscuit are highly consumed by children and adult. The high demand of biscuit has made biscuit production business a profitable business. On this article we are going to discuss a simple step on how to start a biscuit factory in your area. Before you consider starting a biscuit factory the following are what you really need to take into consideration:
1.   Acquiring experience about the business: Before you think of setting up a biscuit factory you need to acquire the knowledge and experience. You need to carry out a proper research about the business. A proper research about the business is very important.
2.   Write a solid business plan: After acquiring the necessary experience and knowledge about the business, the next thing is to write a solid business plan for the biscuit factory. Writing a solid business plan will really help you in the area of guiding you on how to go about the business. some of the things that will be included in your business plan are like:
•   Management team,
•   Securing of startup capital for the factory,
•   Legal backup for the business,
•   Numbers of staff to employ,
•   Marketing strategies, etc.
3.   Get a name for the biscuit and register it: choosing a unique name for the biscuit is very important, in fact this can attract a lot of customers to the business. After choosing a special name for the biscuit, try and register the name in your country.
4.   Get the necessary license and permit: Acquiring the necessary license and permit in your country is very important. Different countries have their own requirement and condition on how to operate a biscuit factory. Find out the condition in your own country and follow it step by step to acquire your license and permit to operate your biscuit factory. Getting the license and permit will give your biscuit factory a good reputation.
5.   Materials and equipment for the biscuit factory: To setup a biscuit factory you need some materials and equipment’s. The following are some of the materials and equipment’s you need.
The following are the equipment:
1.   The flour sifter
2.   The sugar grinder
3.   The dough mixer, 100 kg cap.
4.   The 33″ rotary molder
5.   The 33″ automatic rotary cutting and punching machine with standard accessories
6.   The dough brake with standard accessories
7.   The 33″ x 70″ oil fried baking oven with standard accessories
8.   The two-tier cooling conveyor with standard accessories
9.   The stacking and packing table
10.   The oil spraying machine with heater
11.   The dough trolley
12.   The milk spray nozzles and air compressor
The following are some of the equipment’s needed.
6.   Employment of staff: Biscuit factory require a lot of assistance, you need to employ capable hands that will really assist in the factory. You can start with few staffs and later increase the numbers of staff as the business expand.
7.   Promotion and marketing: Advertising the business is very important, this will actually determine the success of the business. Marketing is the life blood of any business. There are different ways you can promote the business. You can start by building a professional website to promote the biscuit factory. You can print flyers, business card, brochure, etc. for the business.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business


A simple step on how to start a biscuit factory
« on: August 09, 2017, 05:21:25 PM »