Author Topic: How to start producing liquid soap in Nigeria and make a lot profits  (Read 224 times)


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Venturing into liquid soap production is a very good and profitable business. This is a business you can start with a little capital and make a lot of profits. There are a lot of demands on this liquid soap. This liquid soap can be used for the following,
-   Washing of cloths
-   Washing of kitchen utensils
-   Washing of cars
-   Washing of hands and body
There are a lot of things you can use liquid soap to do. People that produce and sell these liquid soap are really making a lot profits from the business. This is really a business you can start with a little capital. Let us look at the items that you actually need to produce liquid soap. The following are the items you need to produce liquid soap
1.   You need a measuring bowl
2.   You need cans
3.   You need an hand gloves
4.   You need spoon
5.   You need bottles
6.   Finally you need water.

If for example you actually want to produce about 40 litter of liquid soap the following are the requirements:
1.   You need to apply 6-16 teaspoons - Sodium Laurate Sulphate (SLS);
2.   You need to apply 480 g. - C.M.C (Carboxy methyl cellulos)/ Antisol/ Nitrosol;
3.    You need to apply 10 20 teaspoons Texapon;
4.   You need to apply 2 l. - Sulphonic Acid;
5.   You need to apply 165 g. - Caustic Soda;
6.   You need to put 35 l. water;
7.    You need to put 245 g. - Soda Ash;
8.    You need to put 6-16 teaspoons - Formaline 
9.   You need to put 10-20 teaspoons - Sodium Tripoyphosphate (S.T.P.P);
10.    You may put colorant and a perfume (fragrance)
These are the major requirements if you actually want to produce 40 litters of liquid soap.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business.