Author Topic: Easy step by step guide on how to setup a dry cleaning delivery service business  (Read 293 times)


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You can talk about a profitable offline business without mentioning dry cleaning delivery service business. Dry cleaning delivering service business is a very lucrative business. Today a lot of people are really venturing into the business because the business has prospect. Dry cleaning delivery service business is expanding every day because a lot of people actually need their service. There are a lot of people today who donít actually have the time to do their personal laundry because of either the nature of their job or their business is taking much of their time. There are some people who are really very busy with their business and their business does not give them time to carry out their personal laundry. They have no choice than to demand for the service of dry cleaner. All these aspect has actually made dry cleaning delivery service a very lucrative business. On this article we are going to discuss the step by step requirement on how you can setup a successful dry cleaning delivering service business. The following are some of the requirement that you need before you can start a dry cleaning delivering service business.

1.   One of the first thing you need to do is to get the appropriate license that is require in your state for the setting up of the dry cleaning delivery business. Different state has their own license for the operation. Also try as much as possible to secure a liability insurance to cover the risk against damages of cloths that will be on your care. This insurance is very important because anything can happen.
2.   Getting a van that is fully equipped is also important in the business. You can either purchase a van or you lease a van. Also try to get a cell phone strictly for the business. This cell phone will really help you in the area of getting in touch with your client regularly. If possible try to purchase a laundry bag that has your logo. This laundry bag will be with your customer for the purpose of picking up cloths.
3.   Try to look for a good location for the business. Your location is very important. If you are getting an office , try as much as possible to get an office in a good and conducive environment. Also make sure your office is located in a residential area where there is population of people.
4.   Try to always retain your customer. Try as much as possible to always treat your customers very well. Because they can refer more people to you.
5.   Marketing or promoting your dry cleaning business. Marketing is the key success of any business. Try as much as possible to promote your dry cleaning business in different ways. There are a lot of ways you can promote your dry cleaning business. You can use social media platform( facebook, twitter, etc). also you can even build a professional website for the business. If you donít know how to build a website you can look for a website designer and pay him.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business