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Things to consider before you start a photography business
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:48:04 PM »
It may interest you to know that photography business has become one of the most popular and profitable business venture. In the world today the service of photographers are really highly needed. Some of the activities that need the services of photographers are marriage ceremony, engagement party, churches programs, school activities, child naming ceremonies, companies celebrating end of year party, birthday parties, etc. with all these activities mention you will find out that photography business is a very lucrative business. One good thing about this photography business is that is a business you can setup with a little capital. Again photography business is a business you can easily start even though you donít have an office. We have actually conduct a proper interview with some professionals in the business which they now share their experience with us. These professionals in photography business have analyzed the step by step on things you need to consider before you setup your own photography business. On this article we are going to discuss some of these things. The following are the major things you need to consider before you setup you own photography business:
1.   Try to create a business plan: these professionals in photography business strongly advices that the first thing you need to do is to make a business plan. As a newbies in the business you need to make sure you organize your thought on a document. This document will now serve as your road map on anything you want to do. This document will really guide you in all area of the business most especially in the area of cash flow, expense, competition, ownership, etc. writing a business plan is very important in the area of setting up a photography business.
2.   How to access your startup capital: one good thing about creating a good business plan is that the business plan will include how to access your startup capital. For example the cost of camera equipment alone is about $9,000. According to these professionals in photography business you may also need a license, insurance, a website, accounting software to operate the business. Another thing again is that do you want to have an office or operate your photography business from home, what about a studio, these are the things you need to consider in the area of accessing your startup capital.
3.   How you can get your startup capital: This area is very vital. No matter how small you want to start the business you still need a capital for the business. One the ways you can get capital is by applying for a loan in any financial institution or from any private individual that has the capacity or even from a close relative. Startup capital is very important in the business. These are the things that are even included in your business plan.
4.   Try as much as possible to get a good professional experience: No business can survive if the owner has no experience. Before you thing of setting up your own photography business make sure you have gain a lot of experience. You can do this by moving with people that has more experience in the business more than you. If possible before you setup your own photography business try to work for somebody as a photographer assistant. In photography business you need to proof to your clients that you are a professional in the business.
5.   Make sure you purchase a gear camera: According to these professionals in photography business when purchasing a gear camera you need to purchase two. They also said that you need two lenses, two flashes, Photoshop and a light room which you are going to be using for editing. According to these professionals in the business, the reason why you need two gear cameras is that in case one breakdown you can use the other one to continue. According to these professionals you can get the gear camera for about $9500.
6.   Try as much as possible to map out your pricing plan: you need to draw out your pricing plan, you have to draw out how much you will be charging for your services. As a beginner make sure you donít use your prize to scare away your client.
7.   Try as much as possible to build a professional website: Building a professional website will really help your photography business to grow. Make sure your website contains some of the good works you have done. When some clients visit your website they will be encourage to give you more jobs.
8.   Marketing your photography business: another thing that is important is the area of promoting your photography business. You need to promote your photography business to get more clients. There are a lot of platform you can use to promote your business. For example you can use social media platform( facebook, twitter ,etc).
 Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best of luck in the business.