Author Topic: Easy step by step on how to start a bottle and sachet water packaging company  (Read 177 times)


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Starting a bottle and sachet water packaging company is a very good profitable business. This business does not actually require so much material to start. The major material requires is water which is a free gift of nature. On this article we are going to look at the major steps by step guide on how you can venture in the business. Before you consider venturing into the business the following are what you really need to do:
1.   Gain experience in the business: look for a big bottle/sachet company in your environs and work with them for three months. Working with them for three months will enable you to gather enough experience in the business. Working with them will make you to know the in and out of the business. Is either you work with them to earn salary or you work with them as an apprentice. The most important thing is that you need to have a basic knowledge about the business before you thing of setting up you own.
2.   Drafting out a business plan for the sachet/bottle water business: After getting the necessary experience in the business the next thing is to write a solid business plan for the business. The following are what should be included in the business plan:
•   The financial projection,
•   The marketing strategies you are going to adopt,
•   The management teams,
•   The operation strategies,
•   The legal details and operation analysis, etc.
The following mention are some of what should be included in the business plan. Writing a solid business plan is really very important.
3.   Register the business and get the necessary license and permit: This aspect is very important. In some countries you can’t operate a bottle/sachet water company without getting the necessary license and permits. In the United State you need to get the FDA(US Food and Drug Administration) license before you can operate a bottle/sachet water company. In a country like Nigeria you need to obtain a license from NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) before you can operate a bottle/sachet water company. Different countries with there are own procedure.
4.   Look for a reliable bottle production company to be supplying bottles: Make sure the company is trusted and reliable, also make sure that the bottle production company is a member of IBWA (International Bottled Water Association).
5.   Secure a good location for the bottle/sachet water company: Make sure you secure an environment that is hygienic for the bottle/sachet water company. There are some government health officials who always come and inspect bottle/sachet Water Company on a monthly basis. If the environment is not hygienic the company will be shut down by these government officials. Also when securing a location make sure you consider the proximity to market, access to good road, power supply, water availability, etc.
6.   Get the necessary and required equipment’s for the bottle/sachet water company: The following are some of the necessary and required equipment’s for the bottle/sachet water company;
•   You need to have an alternative power supply (Generator set)
•   You need to purchase a storage tank
•   You need to purchase filling machines
•   You need to buy a water treatment machines and filters
•   You need to purchase Sealers
•   You need to get Bottle loaders
•   You need to purchase a water sterilizer
•   You net to purchase a water dispenser
•   Finally you need to purchase a Truck for the distribution of products
These are the major equipment’s you need to purchase for the business.
7.   Employment of staffs: Bottle/sachet Water Company needs labour. You really need to hire trained people to assist you in the business. Bottle/sachet Water Company cannot be done by one person.
8.   Pick a unique name for the bottle/sachet water company: Try and choose a very good name for the bottle/sachet water company. A unique name can attract a lot of customers.                                                                                               
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business.