Author Topic: 7 steps on how to start a successful bread bakery business  (Read 60 times)


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7 steps on how to start a successful bread bakery business
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:28:02 PM »
Bread bakery business is one of the lucrative business that has a lot of profit if it is properly setup. In the world today bread has become an essential commodity for every household.  The demand for bread is very high because bread can serve a lot of purpose in the area of preparing it. There are different ways bread can be prepared. Bread can toast, bread can be eaten with egg, bread can be taken with tea, bread can be eaten with peanut butter, there are really a lot of ways to eat bread. In most case some household always use bread as there breakfast meal. The so much demand for bread has made bread bakery business a high profitable business. On this article we are going to discuss 7 major steps on how you can start a successful bread bakery business.
The following are the 7 major steps on how you can start a successful bread bakery business.

1.   You need to learn the trade very well:
Before you think of setting up your bread bakery business you need to know what baking entails. Try as much as possible to visit some bakeries both the small and large scale ones, learn about the materials needed for the production, process involved in the production, equipment, challenges and the things that can spoil your market. Also you can check online to read more about making money on bread bakery business.
2.   You really need to create a business plan
In setting up a bread bakery business you need a business plan. There is a popular saying which says, he who fails to prepare prepares to fail, if you want to setup a bread bakery business, donít just dream about making thousands of loaves, selling them and making millions of dollars, always think about how to start and ensure it keeps running even when the beginning is hard. Try as much as possible to make sure that your business plan have a detailed plan of how to get revenue, the expected cost of running your bakery over a period of time(especially that time when you are still struggling). Try to make a research on how high the demand for the product is, in the location youíve chosen to start up the business. Do a SWOT(read up on it online) analysis of the business before going into it. How will you get your funding?  A business plan is really important in the area of setting up a bread bakery business.
3.   Getting a location for your bread bakery business:
A good location is very important in setting up a bread bakery business. When choosing a location to start your bread bakery business try to consider the rent cost, also take into account the money you have in hand for the project, Also consider the availability of water, also consider how you can access the market , consider the demand for your product. One good thing about bread bakery business is that you can rent a place for your bakery, or build it yourself.
4.   You need to equip the Bakery
Equipping the bread bakery is very important. The following are what you need for your bakery: flour mixer, baking pans, a very big oven(specially constructed for the purpose), refrigerators and display cases, manpower. In bread bakery business Packaging matters a lot, the wrapper of your bread will attract or discourage people from buying the bread. If you are employing anybody experience counts a lot, hire based on the size of your factory.  Try as much as possible to make sure that fire alarms and extinguishers are available at the factory too.
5.   The area of Baking
At the beginning of your bread bakery business profit may not come in immediately, but after 6-11 months your bakery should have itís footing. Before you setup your bread bakery business make sure you get it certified by NAFDAC and register with the Association of Master Bakers.
Because of people with different choice you can also make wheat bread, but that depends on the environment.
6.   Fixing your Price.
This area is also important. Your pricing depends on a number of factors, before you think of fixing your price try to consult a business adviser or accountant to help you at the outset. Your prices need to be set at a rate that provides you with an acceptable margin but not so expensive that you drive customers away. The prices will also be determined by the quality of your produce.
7.   Promoting and marketing your bakery:
Marketing is the life blood of any bread bakery business. A clever and responsive marketing campaign can get your bakery business up and running in no time. Before you setup your bread bakery business you can start advertising it. When you initially open for business, use special offer coupons or provide samples of your breads and pastries to encourage higher sales and plenty of returning customers. Marketing is very important, this can determine the success of your bread bakery business.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business.