Author Topic: Starting a cyber café business with a little capital  (Read 184 times)


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Starting a cyber café business with a little capital
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:11:49 PM »
The world becoming a global village has actually make cyber café business a very good and profitable business venture. Today a lot of people patronize cyber café for different reasons. People go to cyber café to check their emails, online chat, playing online games, online registration, research, etc. A lot of cyber café owners are really making money from the business. A lot of people who don’t have money to purchase their own personal computer and internet connection can easily patronize a cyber café. On this article we are going to discuss a simple step on how you can start a cyber café business. The following are the simple step on how you can setup a cyber café business.
1.   The first thing you need to do is to create a business plan for the cyber café business. The following should be include in the business plan; the numbers of computers and types of computer services, food and drinks you wants to offer to customers, list of equipment’s needed and the cost, insurance and permits needed, the way and manner you are going to promote and market your cyber café, etc. creating a business plan is very important in setting up a cyber café business.
2.   Getting the cyber café business registered. The cyber café business needs to be registered with the county clerk’s office in your county. What you need to do is to apply for a business license through the county clerks office. And again you need to apply for employer identification number (EIN). This employer identification number (EIN) is provided by Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
3.   Try to insure the cyber café business. Try as much as possible to purchase business insurance. This area is very important because it will help to cover cost of damages of properties. Also if you have the mind of employing anybody then you need to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. Insuring your cyber café business will really help you to avoid loss.
4.   Securing a place and location. Getting a good place is very important. You can either buy a space or lease a place for the business. In the area of location, locate the cyber café business in a busy area where a lot of people are passing.
5.   Fixing your prize. As a beginner in the cyber café business fix a moderate price to attract a lot of customers. Later on you can increase the prize.
6.   Getting good computers and equipment’s for the cyber café. Try and purchase computers that are of high quality. Also purchase a fast internet connection. If your computers and internet network are reliable, these are what can bring a lot of customers to your cyber café.
7.   Marketing and promoting your cyber café business. This is what will determine the success of the business. You can market and promote your cyber café business in different ways. Get a business card, share handbill, advertise on radio and TV house. There are a lot ways you can promote the cyber café business.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business.


Starting a cyber café business with a little capital
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:11:49 PM »