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How to venture into pig farming
« on: August 09, 2017, 06:45:59 PM »
If you are looking for an agricultural business to venture into pig farming is a very good and profitable agriculture business you can invest on. Pig farming which is also known as piggery is a business a lot farmers are making huge profits on a daily basis.
In the world today there is high a consumption of pork meat. A lot of countries are really consuming pork meat. The high demand of pork meat has made pig farming business a profitable business.

Today China is regard as the highest producer of pigs but on the other hand they are the largest net importer of pig products in the world. On this article we are going to discuss the full details on how you can easily start pig farming:
Before we start let us look at the definition of pig farming:
According to agricultural specialist pig farming can be seen as a branch of animal husbandry were domestic pigs are rear for the purpose of consumption or commercial. According to agricultural specialist pigs belong to genus sus, which are within the family of even-toed ungulates.
Some of the business opportunities that comes from rearing pig
Starting pig farming can bring a good business opportunity. Some of the business opportunities include the following:
1.   The area of food production: Starting pig farming has brought the production of food around the world today. In the world today the consumption of pork meat and other products from pig is on high rate. In some countries the consumption of pig is even higher than the consumption of cattle, goat, sheep, etc. The so much demand of pig products has made pig farming a lucrative business to venture into.
2.   Pig products for the production of leather: Another good business opportunity that comes from pig farming is the using of pig skin to manufacture leathers. In some countries pig skin are use to manufacture leather which are can be used to produce things like football, gloves, shoes, furnitureís, boot, belts, etc. some pig farmers are currently diverting pig farming income for food to leather production. This leather production has made many pig farmers to become rich in the pig farming business.
Letís us now look at the benefit of rearing pig. The following are some of the benefit of rearing pigs:
1.   Pigs are sell at a very great prize
2.   One good thing about pig is that they have a strong immune system
3.   Like other animals pigs are very cheap to raise
4.   The rearing of pig has serve as a source of income and employment
5.   Another good thing about pig rearing is that they are high in demand than supply.
The following are some of the breed of pig you can rear:
1.   Mulefoot pig
2.   Hereford pig
3.   Poland china pig
4.   Large black pig
5.   Duroc pig
6.   Landrace pig
7.   Chester white pig
8.   Yorkshire pig
9.   Berkshire pig
The following mention are some of the pig species you can rear.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you the best


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Re: How to venture into pig farming
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This a very nice article


Re: How to venture into pig farming
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