Author Topic: Easy step by step on how to rear guinea pig for meat production  (Read 148 times)


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One of the best livestock farming is guinea pig farming. Guinea pig rearing is a very good and profitable venture any entrepreneur can go into. Guinea pig farming is now common in some urban and rear area. One good thing about guinea pig farming is that it does not require so much capital investment. Guinea pig is seen as a social animal that is why you can put more than two guinea pigs in a cage. Before you go into guinea pig farming it is good to know the common terms. The following are the terms:

1.   The boar- The male guinea pig is called the boar
2.   The sow The female guinea pig is called the sow
3.   Sexing This is actually to know if the guinea pig is a male or a female.
Benefits of rearing guinea pig
1.   One of the benefits of guinea pig rearing is that guinea pigs are not so expensive to rear. You can get it very cheap to buy or if possible you can even adopt for free.
2.   One thing about guinea pig is that guinea pig are vegetarian they can eat simple diet.
3.   Another benefit of guinea pig rearing is that guinea pig farming does not require so much space to start.
4.   When you talk of animals that are bright creature then you talk about guinea pig.
5.   Another good thing about guinea pig rearing is that there is no so much stress in raising them.
Let us look at the types of guinea pig. The following are types of guinea pigs.
1.   We have the Abyssinian guinea pig
2.   We also have the American guinea pig
3.   We also have The Texel guinea pig
4.   There is another one called Teddy guinea pig
5.   We have the Crested guinea pig
6.   There is the Skinny Guinea Pig
7.   There is the Silkie guinea pig
Feeding of the guinea pig
 The guinea pig needs to be feed very well with good balance diet. Make sure there is vitamin C in there nutrients. The following are the fruits and vegetables you need to give your guinea pigs.
1.   Lemon
2.   Orange
3.   Peas
4.   Tomatoes
5.   Leafy greens
6.   Cabbage
7.   Dandelion Greens
8.   Broccoli
9.   Asparagus
10.   Red and Green Peppers
The guinea pig needs the following fruits and vegetable mention above for them to have the require balance diets.