Author Topic: Tips on how to venture into goat farming  (Read 59 times)


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Tips on how to venture into goat farming
« on: August 09, 2017, 06:04:58 PM »
One important thing you must know about goat is that they are versatile animal and they can easily adapt to any environment. Venturing into goat farming is a very good lucrative business. Rearing of goat does not require a special land. Goat can be rear on a land that is even unsuitable for other livestock’s. When you are ready to venture into goat farming it is strongly advise to get your goat from a local seller in your area because that is where you will get a goat that will acclimate to your area. If you want to keep your goats on a close quarter make sure you don’t rear goats that have horn, but if you want to rear goats on open range system you can rear goats with horn because that horn can serve as protection.
Some of the benefits of rearing goat

Venturing into goat farming has some benefit. The following are some of the benefit of rearing goat.
1.   One of the benefit of rearing goat is that goat is a multi-purpose animal producing meat, milk, hide and manure. Goat can also be used to haul light load in some hilly area.
2.   Goat does not require a special housing management. Goat can easily share homes with other livestock.
3.   Goats are very cheap to maintain compare to other livestock’s.
4.   Compare to any other livestock’s animal goat can easily tolerate hot weather climate.
5.   One of the benefit of raising goat is that goat gives more production per unit of investment.
6.   Goats have no religious taboo and they are relished by all sections of the society.
7.   Goat meat has less fat and they are very much in demand in the market.
There are a lot of benefits of rearing goats.
Different types of goat breed
There are different types of goat breed you can rear. The following are some types of goat breed:
1.   LaMancha breed: This particular breed has a Spanish origin but popularly found in United States.
2.   Alpine breed: Alpine is another goat breed. This particular breed can also be found in United States.
3.   Boer goat breed: This particular breed originated from South Africa.
4.   Kiko breed: This breed was first discover in New Zealand, it has spread all over the world.
5.   Tennessee Fainting Goat breed
6.   Angora breed
7.   Pygora breed
8.   Kinder breed
9.   Pygmy breed
The following mention are some of goat breeds you can rear.