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If you are a retired military officer and you are looking for a particular business you want to venture into, setting up a private security company is a good venture you can go into. There are a lot of establishment in the economy that require the services of a private security company. Today a lot of establishment cannot operate without the services of security. Most big organization always requires the services of private security companies. This particular business venture is for those that really have military experience. If you are a retired officer that has a sound military experience in all fields and also some capital, setting up a private security company is the best business for you. On this article we are going to discuss the step by step on how you can setup up your own private security company. The following are the step by step on how you can start a private security company:
1.   Carryout a proper research: This is the first thing you need to do. You need to conduct a proper research. You need to find out if setting up a private security company is allowed in your country. Again what are the requirements your country need for you to own a private security company. Also what are the weapons to use and were to source for such weapon. Making all this research will enable you to succeed in the business.
2.   Getting the required experience: like I said early before you can venture into this business you must have the experience, that is while this business is for retired military officers that already has military experience. As an ex-military officer everything will be easier for you to start including the registration process.
3.   Drafting a good business plan: Before you think of setting up a security company you need to write a good business plan. A good business plan will make you to succeed in the business. The business plan will contain all the details and strategies that will enable you to make profit in the business. The following are what you should include in your business plan:
•   Your mission and goal
•   The area of finance and budget, etc.
4.   Getting the business register and applying for the require license: This area is very important. You need to get the business register and also obtain the necessary license that your country requires for you to run the security company in your country.
5.   Securing a good office and training facilities: securing an office and getting the necessary training facilities is very important.
6.   Employment and training of staffs: when you are setting up a security company you must have it at the back of your mind that you have to employ staffs and trained them very well. This training is very important because this is a matter of security. Your Staffs have to be given a well military training for them to carry out the security job properly.
7.   Promoting your security company: This is another area that is very important. One of the easiest way to market your security company is when you have the require permit and license to operate. There are a lot of establishment that cannot operate without security, try as much as possible to reach out to them and market your services to them.

One of the greatest challenges facing microlending business is bad loans. When there is too much bad in the business it can lead to the collapse of the business. There are a lot of things that actually cause this bad loan. Some of these microfinance owners don’t take certain things into consideration before disbursing the money to the client. For you to actually avoid a bad loan there are certain things you need to take into consideration before disbursing money to your clients. The following are what you must take into consideration:
1.   The capacity on the client: When a client approaches you and applies for a loan, the first thing you need to do is to examine the capacity on the client. You can start by investigating the kind of business is doing and measure it with the amount of money he or she wants to borrow. If the business cannot service that loan don’t disburse the money to him or her because the loan will end up becoming a bad loan. Examining the capacity of a client you want to disburse money to is very important, this will help you to avoid a bad loan.
2.   Character and behavior: This area is very important, when a client applies for a loan you can tell the client that the loan will be processed for three weeks. Within these three weeks you can use it to investigate the real character and behavior of the client. You can do this by asking people around who know more about the client. You really need to know more about the client behavior and character before you disburse money to the client. If you disburse money to a client that has a bad character or a bad behavior the loan will become a bad loan.
3.   The client Guarantor: Before you disburse loan to any client make sure that the client has a qualify guarantor. The guarantor must not just be anybody, the guarantor must be well to do. Make sure that the guarantor is financially buoyant more than the client that is applying for a loan. Make sure you inform the guarantor of the consequence of what will happen if by anyway there is any default from the person he guaranteed, he will be the person that will pay back the loan.
4.   The client’s collateral: This is one of the most important areas that can really help you to avoid a bad loan. Any client you are disbursing loan to must have collateral. The client can use any thing as collateral as long as that thing has monetary value. Make sure that the collateral the client has worth twice the money he or she is borrowing. The collateral can serve as a last resort if the client actually refuses to pay back the loan.
If you can apply all this tips you will stand the chance of avoiding a bad loan in your microlending business.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best.

Venturing into catfish farming is one of the most lucrative and profitable livestock business. The rate at which people demand for catfish for consumption has really made some catfish farmers investing more in the catfish business. A lot of catfish farmers are really making a lot of profits in the business. The production of catfish comes in different stages. Catfish rearing are divided into two major parts. We have nursery and the grow-out catfish. The nursery involves the inducement of the female fish to lay eggs, which are then fertilized, incubated and hatched. The fish is known as fries. These fries are then nurtured from between three and four weeks into fingerlings which is the size suitable for use in the fish grow-out operation. The following are different catfish species. blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, heteroclarias, clarias nigro-digitatus, clarias spp and there are also over 300 other species of catfish. The catfish that is use for hatching is called broodstock.
How to achieve a successful hatching

For you to have a successful hatching the following are the major requirement you need to adopt:
1.   They must be good and clean water. Make sure the water is not polluted.
2.   Also there must be a good water chemistry monitor
3.   Make sure you get a qualify hatchery manager that is very good in hatching.
4.   Make sure that you have a good record keeping in the process of hatching.
Ways on how to feed the fries
After the hatching between 36 to 40 hours the yolk sac of larvae will be absorbed.  One of the first foods to give them is zooplanktons or artemia produced in the hatchery. Zooplanktons contains the following component 
1.   Diaphanosoma
2.   Sida spp
3.   Monia spp
4.   Chidorus spp
5.   Bosmina spp
6.   Cyclops larvae
7.   Cyclops spp without egg
8.   cyclops spp with eggs
There is a step on how to make Zooplanktons. The following are the simple steps on how to make Zooplanktons. Make sure you Select an earthen pond, such as the broodstock pond. Try as much as possible to remove any small fish. Make sure that the pond have green water (phytoplankton). To prepare zooplankton for a 600-800m2 pond add 20 kgs of chicken manure, 5 kg of lime, 5 kgs N:P:K: fertilizer (16:16:16) and 2 kgs of fine fish meal. Then after about 3 days, zooplankton will be growing.
Different types of catfish feeds
Feeding of the catfish is very important in the area of their growth. There are different types of feed you can use to feed the catfish. This catfish feeds comes in different size. The following are different catfish size, 1.5mm feed, 1.8mm feed, 2mm feed, 4mm feed, 6mm feed etc. We have the local feeds which you can prepare by yourself; we also have the foreign feeds.
The Local feeds: The local feeds always sink inside the water when you are feeding the catfish.
The Foreign feeds: The foreign feeds always float on top of the water when you are feeding the catfish.
The following are the size of feeds you can give your catfish depending on the stage.
1.   Fingerlings (3 to 4 grams): 1.5mm feed size
2.   Post-fingerlings (4 – 6 grams): 1.8mm feed size
3.   Juvenile (6 – 10 grams): 2mm feed size
4.   Post-juvenile (10 – 50 grams): 2mm feed size
But when your catfish got to a bigger stage you can also increase the size of the feeds by giving them the following feeds size:
1.   10 – 50 grams: 2mm feed size
2.   50 – 150 grams: 3mm feed size
3.   150 – 400 grams: 4mm feed size
Feeding of the catfish very well is very important because that will determine the size and weight of the catfish.   
Some of the common disease of catfish
There are lot diseases that can actually attack the catfish. Some of these diseases can be caused by bacteria, parasites or even worms. Some of the popular diseases that are often encountered by catfish farmers are trichodina, intestinal worms, ulcer, fungus and white spots.
Furthermore, If these disease are not properly treated it will lead to a massive lost for the catfish farmer. To avoid this massive lost as a catfish farmer you must take action on time. 
Hope this article is helpful to you, wish you all the best in the business.

Agricultural business ideas / Tips on how to start potatoes farming
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Potato has become an essential commodity for every household. Potato can be used in different ways to prepare meal. In some countries potato is seen as a poor man food which can be used to solve the problem of hunger. On this article we are going to discuss the step by steps on how to start potato farming.
Some health benefits of potatoes

The following are some of the health benefits of potatoes:
1.   Potatoes are very rich in vitamin B6
2.   Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C.
3.   Potatoes are very rich in vitamin D, vitamin D helps to build healthy bones.
4.   One thing about sweet potatoes is that they contain iron and also they support a healthy immune system.
5.   Another good thing about sweet potatoes is that they are a good source of mag¬nesium, which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral.
6.   Potatoes are also a source of potassium.
7.   One good thing about sweet potatoes is that it does not cause blood sugar spikes.
8.   Another good thing about sweet potatoes is that it helps to ward off cancer and protect against the effects of aging.
Tips on how to plant potatoes
The following are tips on how to start potato planting:
1.   To start planting you have to plant seed potato zero to two weeks after last spring frost.
2.   Anytime you are ready to start planting your potatoes, you can start planting earlier, once the soil has been worked, but don’t forget that some crops will be ruined by a frost.
3.   Whenever you are cutting up potato pieces for planting, make sure you do so 1-2 days ahead of time. Actually, this will give them the chance to “heal” and form a protective layer, both for moisture retention and rot resistance.
4.   Also try as much as possible to spread and mix in rotted manure or organic compost in the bottom of the trench before planting.
5.   When planting the potatoes make sure you plant seed potatoes one foot apart in a 4-inch deep trench, eye side up.
6.   Try as much as possible to always practice yearly crop rotation system.
Tips on how to care for your potatoes
The following are tips on how to care for your potatoes:
1.   One thing about potatoes is that they thrive in well-drained, loose soil.
2.   One thing again about potatoes is that they need consistent moisture, so try as much as possible to always water regularly when tubers start to form.
3.   Try as much as possible to hill the potatoes every couple of weeks to protect your crop.
Tips on how to harvest your potatoes
The following are tips on how to harvest your potatoes:
1.   The time you should harvest your potatoes depends on what type of potatoes you have planted. For early-season potatoes take approximately 60–70 days to mature.
2.   If you actually wants to get the biggest and the best potatoes you can harvest when after the plant’s foliage has died back. Cut browning foliage to the ground and wait 10–14 days before harvesting to allow the potatoes to develop a thick enough skin.
3.   Whenever you want to harvest make sure you dig the potatoes on a dry day. Try as much as possible to dig up gently, make sure you are careful not to puncture the tubers. The soil should not be compact, so digging should be easy.
4.   Make sure you allow freshly dug potatoes to sit in a dry, cool place (45°–60°F) for up to two weeks. Doing this will make their skins to “cure,” which will help them keep for longer period.
5.   It is strongly advice that new potatoes should not be cured and should be eaten within a few days of harvest, as they will not keep for much longer period.
These are the tips on how to start potatoes farming. Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best.

Agricultural business ideas / Ways on how to start Duck farming
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One of the most popular and lucrative agricultural farming is duck farming. Duck can be raise either for consumption purpose or for commercial purpose. In the world today duck are highly available. Duck meats are seen as one of the good source food. Because of the increase in population in some countries commercial Duck growing has increase drastically.
One good thing about Duck meat is that it commands a good price well above the prices received for chicken. Another thing again about Duck meat is that the meat can be marketed as a fresh meat, also as a frozen meat. Duck meat can also be sold as a part or the full parts.

One thing about Duck farming is that Ducks are raised under a wide variety of conditions which can be rang from a backyard coop for few ducks to housing for large flocks on a commercial duck farm. No matter the category of duck keeping, there are certain basic requirements that must be met if ducks are to remain healthy. One good thing about ducks is that they adapt to a wide range system of care.
 One of the major objectives of this book is to enlighten farmers on how to venture into duck rearing. 
Different types of Ducks
In Duck farming there are different types of ducks. We are going to look at the different types of ducks.
1.   The Muscovy ducks: This particular duck belong to the family of genus Cairina. This particular duck originated from southern American. This particular specie is a multipurpose breed and the meat taste very good. One good thing about this breed is that they are very easy to rear. The size of the male of this breed is 4.5 kg to 5.5kg while the female of the breed is 2.3kg to 2.8 kg. The market age of this breed is 12 weeks. Below is the image of this breed.
The following are ways how Muscovy breeds is different from other breeds:
•   Muscovy breeds always goes broody and hatch eggs of other breeds as well as its own.
•   Muscovy breed knows how to fly very well, and they perches on roosts and trees.
•   Another thing is that if Muscovy breed has already mated with members of its own breed, it will not mate with members of other breeds.
•   One thing about Muscovy breed is that the drake, has no curl feathers in his tail, unlike other breeds,
•   Muscovy male and female ‘hiss’ they don’t ‘quack’.
•   One good thing about this breed is that the meat has a lower fat content than that of other ducks.
2.   The Pekin duck: Another type of Duck breed is called the Pekin duck. This particular breed is very good for commercial purpose because of is egg production. One good thing about this breed is that it adapts to confinement and it is also a very good egg producer. This particular breed has a very good meat and flavor. This particular breed market age is just seven weeks. Below is the image of the breed.
3.   The Mule Duck: Another breed of Duck is called Mule Duck. This particular breed came from the crossing of Muscovy male and Pekin female. This particular breed is a fast growing breed. Another good thing about this breed is that it produces a good lean meat with a succulent flavor. The market age for this breed is eight weeks. Below is the image of the breed.
Some of the advantage of Duck Farming
Starting a duck farm has a lot of advantages. The following are some of the merits of raising ducks:
1.   One thing about Ducks is that they lay more egg per bird per year than chicken.
2.   Another good thing about Ducks is that the size of their eggs is larger than hen egg by about 15 to 20 g.
3.   On like any other birds Ducks require lesser attention and they thrive very well.
4.   Another good advantage of raising Ducks is that Ducks supplements their feed by foraging. Ducks eat grass, insects, snails, earthworms, small fishes and other aquatic materials.
5.   If you look at the commercial point of view, Ducks have a longer profitable life. Ducks lay well even in second year.
6.   On like any other birds Ducks do not require any elaborate houses to stay.
7.   On like other birds Ducks are quite hardy, more easily brooded and more resistant to common avian diseases.
8.   Ducks can adapt to any environment whether a marshy river side, wet land or water logged area. Some birds cannot adapt to these environment.
9.   Another advantage of raising Ducks is that Ducks lay 95 – 98% of their eggs in the morning before 9.00 am. This will really help in the area of saving a lot of time and labour.
The health of the Duck
One of the character or behavior of a Duck is that they are always alert. Ducks are always alert. One thing about Ducks is that they often waddle around and peck as they investigate the surroundings. One thing again about ducks is that they are resistant to common avian diseases and internal parasites. But if the ducks has stagnant water and overcrowded pond there will be infestation of internal parasites.  Some of these parasites are like flukes, round worms and tape worms.
Under normal condition Ducks should appear healthy and show normal behaviors. The following are ways on how you can know a Duck that is healthy.
1.   The Duck must have a good posture
2.   The Ducks must have a vigorous movements if disturbed
3.   The Duck must have a clean and healthy skin
4.   The Duck must have a good plumage
5.   The Duck must have a well-formed shanks and feet
6.   The Duck must be effective when walking
7.   The Duck must be active in the area of feeding and drinking
8.   The Duck must have a clear, bright eyes.
Duck feeding
Feeding the duck is very important. If you want to feed the duck make sure water is available. Before the duck gets to eight weeks make sure there is always feed available for them. If they are now more than eight weeks you can be feeding them 2 times a day. The average consumption a duck of about 20 weeks of age consume is about 12.5 gs of feed. The following is the table chart of their consumption.
Age(week)                 Feed for week(kg)       cumulative feed(kg)
0-1                                       0.15                                 0.15
1                                          0.40                                 0.55
2                                          0.75                                   1.30
3                                            0.95                                 2.25
4                                            1.00                                 3.25
5                                           1.30                                   4.55
6                                           1.65                                    6.20
7                                            1.80                                   8.00
8                                              1.60                                    9.60

Looking for ways on how to fulfill the meat demand for the growing population, has lead to different ways of meat production. Today the rabbit which is known as “Micro-Livestock” is now a great source of meat production. Rabbit rearing has become one the great income opportunities for farmers. Rabbit farming in commercial production can be a great source of income and employment. One good thing about rabbit rearing is that they only need small place to live and less food for surviving. The rabbit meat contains high ratio of protein, energy, calcium and vitamin than any other types of animal meat. Another thing again is that the amount of cholesterol, fat and sodium in rabbit is less compare to other meat.
 One good thing about rabbit meat is that is very testy, nutritious and easily digestible for all aged people. Rabbit meat has no religious taboo for consuming eating it. Rabbits grow very fast and the female rabbit produce 2 to 8 kids every time. Rabbit consume a very low quality food and they turn these foods to high quality meat, skin or fiber. What most people don’t understand is that raising rabbit can be a great income source to some people and landless farmers. Venturing into commercial rabbit farming business can be a great source to meet up the food or protein demand, and also a great source of employment. Let us now look at some of the advantages of commercial rabbit farming.

Some of the Benefits of Rabbit Farming

The following are some of the benefits of commercial rabbit farming
1.   One thing about rabbit is that they are fast growing animal.
1.   Their food converting rate is better than other animals.
2.   One female rabbit can give birth about 2 to 8 kids each time.
3.   Rabbits can be raised within a short space.
4.   Production costs are less, compared to other large sized animals.
5.   Rabbit meat is very tasty, nutritious and easily digestible. All aged people can eat without any problem.
6.   There are no religious taboos consuming rabbit meat.
7.   In case of meat production, rabbits are placed after poultry.
8.   Kitchen wastes, grass, plant leaves etc. are favorite foods of rabbit. So you can raise some rabbits for your family needs, using this type of low cost and easily available commodities.
9.   Rabbit farming require less labor compared to another animal farming business. You can easily use your family labor for successful commercial rabbit farming business.
10.   Commercial rabbit farming business require relatively less capital and you will get back your investment within a very short period.
11.   As it is a highly profitable business, so commercial production can be a great source of earning and employment.
12.   You can meetup your family nutritional demands through raising a few number of rabbits.
People usually raise rabbits as pets. But raising them commercially, can be a great source of income and a smart way of employment. The annual demand of meat is increasing rapidly throughout the world. Right now poultry, beef and pork meat are controlling this huge demand. Commercial rabbit production can play a very important role to meetup this demand. So rabbit farming business has a great opportunity.
How to Start Rabbit Farming Business?
Rabbits are small sized animal. So it’s very easy to start a commercial rabbit farming business. Make a proper business plan before starting. Here we are describing the most important steps of starting commercial rabbit farming business.
Rabbit Breeds
There are many rabbit breeds available throughout the world. Among those breeds Dark Gray (internal), Fox, Dutch, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black, New Zealand Red, Belgium White and Chinchilla etc. are highly productive and popular breeds. You can choose proper breed for your production, depending on the availability of breeds in your area.
Rabbit Farming Method
You can start raising rabbits in both deep litter and cage farming methods. Here we are describing more about this two types of raising methods.
•   Deep Litter Method: This method is suitable, if you want to raise a few number of rabbits. Concrete floor is more suitable for deep litter system. Make 4 to 5 inches depth litter husk, hay, straw or wood shavings. In this method, you can raise a maximum of 30 rabbits in a house. Keep the male rabbits in a separate room from the female. In deep litter system, risks of diseases is high. And sometimes, it may seem very difficult to manage the rabbit in this system.
•   Cage Method: For commercial rabbit farming business, cage method is the best. In this system the rabbits are kept in a cage, which are made with wire or iron plate. Cage system is very useful for raising a maximum number of rabbits. Keep sufficient space and necessary facilities, inside every cage. Keep the male and female rabbits separated from each other. Keep them together in a separate cage during breeding period.
Feed consuming rate and nutrient requirements varies, depending on the rabbit’s age and breed type. For proper nutrition of adult rabbits, their food should contain 17 to 18 percent crude protein, 14 percent fiber, 7 percent minerals and 2700 kilo calorie/kg of metabolic energy. Green leafy vegetables, seasonal vegetable, spinach, carrots, muller, cucumber, green grass and vegetable wastes are common food of rabbits. For commercial purpose, you can serve them poultry feed. In accordance with providing nutritious feed, supply them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand.
Usually rabbits become mature and suitable for breeding purpose within their 5 to 6 months of age. But don’t use the male rabbits for breeding purpose until they reach their first birthday. Doing this will ensure, quality young rabbits for commercial production. Always try to use healthy rabbits with proper body weight for breeding. Never bred the females, if they are ill. Take special care to the breeding male and pregnant female rabbits, and provide them nutritious feed. The gestation period of rabbits is about 28 to 31 days. And each time a doe can give birth of 2 to 8 kids.
In some areas, marketing rabbit products is not so easy. So it will be better, if you determine your marketing plan before starting. You can  try your local markets or nearest town.
Through proper care and management, you can make maximum profit form your rabbit farming business. Always try to take good care of your animals. Feed them quality nutritious food, keep their house clean and purchase healthy breeds for starting. Thus you can make your rabbit farming business highly profitable.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best.

Offline business / A simple step on how to start a biscuit factory
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Starting a biscuit factory is a very good lucrative and a profitable business. Biscuit is one of the most consumable product that are normal purchase on a daily basis. Most families use biscuit and tea as there breakfast. Biscuit are highly consumed by children and adult. The high demand of biscuit has made biscuit production business a profitable business. On this article we are going to discuss a simple step on how to start a biscuit factory in your area. Before you consider starting a biscuit factory the following are what you really need to take into consideration:
1.   Acquiring experience about the business: Before you think of setting up a biscuit factory you need to acquire the knowledge and experience. You need to carry out a proper research about the business. A proper research about the business is very important.
2.   Write a solid business plan: After acquiring the necessary experience and knowledge about the business, the next thing is to write a solid business plan for the biscuit factory. Writing a solid business plan will really help you in the area of guiding you on how to go about the business. some of the things that will be included in your business plan are like:
•   Management team,
•   Securing of startup capital for the factory,
•   Legal backup for the business,
•   Numbers of staff to employ,
•   Marketing strategies, etc.
3.   Get a name for the biscuit and register it: choosing a unique name for the biscuit is very important, in fact this can attract a lot of customers to the business. After choosing a special name for the biscuit, try and register the name in your country.
4.   Get the necessary license and permit: Acquiring the necessary license and permit in your country is very important. Different countries have their own requirement and condition on how to operate a biscuit factory. Find out the condition in your own country and follow it step by step to acquire your license and permit to operate your biscuit factory. Getting the license and permit will give your biscuit factory a good reputation.
5.   Materials and equipment for the biscuit factory: To setup a biscuit factory you need some materials and equipment’s. The following are some of the materials and equipment’s you need.
The following are the equipment:
1.   The flour sifter
2.   The sugar grinder
3.   The dough mixer, 100 kg cap.
4.   The 33″ rotary molder
5.   The 33″ automatic rotary cutting and punching machine with standard accessories
6.   The dough brake with standard accessories
7.   The 33″ x 70″ oil fried baking oven with standard accessories
8.   The two-tier cooling conveyor with standard accessories
9.   The stacking and packing table
10.   The oil spraying machine with heater
11.   The dough trolley
12.   The milk spray nozzles and air compressor
The following are some of the equipment’s needed.
6.   Employment of staff: Biscuit factory require a lot of assistance, you need to employ capable hands that will really assist in the factory. You can start with few staffs and later increase the numbers of staff as the business expand.
7.   Promotion and marketing: Advertising the business is very important, this will actually determine the success of the business. Marketing is the life blood of any business. There are different ways you can promote the business. You can start by building a professional website to promote the biscuit factory. You can print flyers, business card, brochure, etc. for the business.
Hope this article is helpful to you. Wish you all the best in the business

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