One of the best places to advertise your products and service is Justindesk. Justindesk website is a very good platform to promote your products and service. When you advertise on justindesk you will experience a real positive change in your products and services. Justindesk have different advertising packages.
There are three major kinds of Ads that are allowed in Justindesk
The first is Sponsored Post
When you hear the word sponsored post it simple mean an article written about a product for and or on behalf of a company. Justindesk welcome this type of articles on the website. If you have a product or service you would like to write about and have it as a post, we will gladly welcome it.
Your sponsored article can be written by you or by us and will be featured on our website. You will have a permanent link back to your product / service page.
To do a sponsored post, you can call +2347030929561 or send us email
The second is Text Ads
Justindesk also welcome text ads.  A text ad is little different from a banner ad in the sense that a text ad is only texts while banner ads are images.
To put a text ads on Justindesk you can call +2347030929561 or send us email    Try as much as possible to include your text ad sample in your email.
The third is Banner Advertising
Justindesk also offer different forms of banner ads.
The following are types of banner ads allowed on Justindesk
1.   125125 banner ads in sidebar = $50 per month
2.   300 x 250 at top of the right side bar= $200 per month
3.   728 x90 banner to header = $200 per month
Payment options
The following are the payment method
1.   Perfect money
2.   Skrill
3.   Check
4.   Direct deposit
5.   Bank wire
For more information you can call Mr Justin on +2347030929561
Advertise with us today and see a positive change in your business